15 March, 2011

lifting clouds

after quite a few weeks of s.l.o.w.n.e.s.s. for the biz, things are picking up and i'm finding myself happily humming along on a number of custom orders and fun little projects. hooray!
also filed under "hooray!" -- i received notification that i've been accepted to be a vendor at this summer's brooklyn renegade (june 11th & 12th - here's the link for more info and hey, look, that's me on that first page!) AND that melanie and i will be selling our work side by side under a tent again at art star in philadelphia (may 14 & 15 - here's that link). whoopie! see you soon, east coast!


Jamie said...

Yay!! I'm going to Renegade in Brooklyn (not as a vendor, just as a craft gawker and purchaser) so maybe I will see you there!
I haven't heard of Art Star so I will be looking that up right now!! (I live in Allentown, PA so Philly is way closer than Brooklyn)

Leila said...

I can't wait!!

~~kym~~ said...

I will stop by and visit your booth at Art Star in Philly...that's a bitchin' craft fair.
Your stuff is awesome btw.