21 March, 2011

minding the gap

long ago, i worked at the gap. yes, yes i did. i was in college, "reality bites" was still one of my recent favourites, and i landed the position of visual coordinator. disappointingly, it was not a very creative job... it was more about making the windows look like pictures A, B, and C sent from corporate. i did, however, become an ace iron-er, and the job also probably played some role in the development of my skills in making things look nicey-nice.
aaaaanyways... once a year, and i think it was right about this time - in between winter and spring, there was a mini-season called "nautical" or "cruise" or something like that. the clothing was always navy blue and shades of white and i remember liking it quite a bit. i probably liked how classic it was. well, here's my nautical/cruise season line (er, um, item):

an absolutely simple, classic, practical yet ever-stylish tote. hand-embroidered, of course, with navy floss on canvas.

(special thanks to claire for snapping the photos for me!)
also, maybe in an attempt to round out the "line" a little, i brought back these:

i still really like them, just as much as when i first made them. (please note, however, that i'm now using a lighter blue towel than the ultra-dark navy that's in the photo.)
the nautical line can be found in my etsy shop.


Leila said...

You always wear the very cutest shoes! And make the best embroideries, of course.

dreamday said...

i just found you at "the bedlam of beefy"'s blog... SO glad i did!!! love your etsy shop and your blog. yay! :)

chezkimberly said...

aw, thank you, leila! i definitely did notice that i seem to be taking all of my photos lately such that my shoes get in there, too... heheh. maybe i can justify new shoes as a tax write-off?
and dreamday -- i'm so glad you found me! isn't beefy the best? he really is great. one of my very favourite bloggers.