11 March, 2011

huckleberry western

inspiration can come from anywhere - and at the most unexpected times. last weekend i went to visit my grandmother, and my aunt and uncle with whom she was staying, just a few hours drive up the coast, in lompoc. after a day of sightseeing, we settled down to watch a movie together; tombstone. i admit, it is probably not one that i would have chosen, but it's one of my uncle's favourites and my nani (grandmother) is definitely a fan of the westerns, so that's how that came to be. well, i thoroughly enjoyed it. a good story. and this quote, "i'm your huckleberry" is spoken by doc holliday (played by dashing val kilmer) so charismatically that it stuck in my head for days after. and then yesterday i thought, heck, i'm gonna stitch it. so i did.
and then i looked back on the one photo i took from my little weekend trip (the area up there past santa barbara is BEAUTiful, but it was misty/cloudy and SUPER windy - so i wasn't too inspired to stop and take photos along the way....) and found that the colors are strikingly almost similar:

interesting... (to me, at least...)


Alexia said...

I love it so much. Great story and photo and lovely cross stitch!

chezkimberly said...

thank you, alexia!

Leila said...

Such a cool one! I need to watch that movie again.