16 June, 2010

the red balloon project

those of you who have been following for a bit may remember the beginning of this project - which kind of started last year.

every year for the past three, in september, my mama does a 150 mile bikeride to raise money and awareness for research towards a cure for MS (multiple sclerosis), a disease that's affected the lives of many people we know. last year, i stitched up nine of these red balloons and donated the money from the sales to her fund. really, i wanted to to 99, as in "99 red balloons," but being as i thought of the idea about a week before the event, that wasn't quite possible. (see the post from last year's project here.)

it ended up that these little balloons, which i stitched up really quickly with basic embroidery stitches -- nothing fussy or mind-blowing, caught a lot of attention and got some really sweet press notices (some of which you can see here). all of the pieces sold. so -- i'm thinking, this time around, i have the time -- i'm gonna do the 99 red balloons.

but i need some help -- i need drawings of hot air balloons! i did the initial pieces from clip art and simple vector illustrations that i was able to find online. but that's not gonna cut it for this year's project. so -- i'm looking for artists and illustrators who'd be willing to donate line drawings of hot air balloons that i can then stitch. the drawings should be simple -- not too much detail, because the idea of this project is that i can stitch them up rather quickly, and then sell them for a good, low, attainable price. last year i donated the entire portion of the sales -- but this year, with the larger scope of the project, i'm gonna have to scale back a little and donate just a portion, which i havent yet figured out but it'll be at least 50%. so, if you are decent draw-er, (which i am not - which is why i need you), get out the crayons and the pencils! draw me a hot air balloon (or two! or three!) and send it on over!
some pieces may have up to three balloons in them - i'll be stitching a total of 99 balloons, not 99 pieces, so keep that in mind. also please note that i may need to change the scale or some of the details of your drawing to make it work with stitches. of course, if i use your drawing, i'll send you a photo of the finished piece!
please send drawings to: kimberly scola/chez-sucre-chez, 5074 glen iris avenue, los angeles, CA 90041. (i'll also accept love letters and checks written for large sums of money.) or, you can send it via digital format - pdf, ai, or jpeg, to chezsucrechez at gmail (.com) thanks so much!


csjoyeuxnoel said...

Is it only artists you're looking for, or would you like some help with the stitching? I'd be happy to volunteer my services for a good cause. That is a lot of balloons!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome thing to do, will forward my drawings to you, wish i could sew for you (im hopeless in this area sorry) but sending you lots of wonderful vibes for this awesome cause
Daniele x

chezkimberly said...

thank you both so much for your enthusiasm for the project! cs -- thank you for the offer - i think, at this point, that i'll be able to handle it... (i think!) i've got three months and i'm figuring i'll be able to pace myself and get it done. if it comes down to the end, however, and i am stressing out, i will certainly get in touch, though --- thank you!!!!

csjoyeuxnoel said...

No problem at all! Best of luck to you!

Riki Zarris said...

I would love to draw some balloons for a good cause. I may even sneak them in during working hours while I am waiting for paint to dry.

chezkimberly said...

thank you, thank you thank you!
i've gotten some really great ones - but i still need a whole lot more, so keep 'em coming!