22 June, 2010

busy, busy busy, busy scissors...

...and needles and threads...
lest you think i'm just hanging out here in l.a. -- lounging poolside or something...
here are just a few of the projects that have kept me busy this past week:

quite a collection going out to lo in brooklyn:

she and i seem to have similar hearts.

a custom piece that'll be a gift from a bride-to-be for her man:

(from the band of horses song "i go to the barn because i like the")

lots more strawberries for terrain:

how perfect is that berry box?!

and many more smiths pieces (was there some blog mention of them somewhere that i missed?), and experimenting with cute little jam jar covers (more on that later -maybe?), and two large-ish wholesale orders for sammy wraps, and some other fun custom work. oh, and painting my house. and starting to stitch the hot air balloons. and lounging poolside.

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