07 June, 2010

renegade recap

thank you so much to everyone who stopped by the chez-sucre-chez tent at renegade. it was a super great weekend -- here are some shots and some of the highlights:

here's how the day begins:

and then, with the help of good friends dana and mike, shop chez-sucre-chez is set up and open for business:

this guy was my neighbor -- totally sweet. he makes screenprinted t-shirts.

i had my z-town gals, karen and melanie, next to me:

sort of right across from us, the magnolia photobooth was set up and being run by the designer/inventor of the booth itself - this guy, who is totally sweet and totally cute and was really great about coming over and encouraging us to jump in the booth while there wasnt a line. IT WAS AMAZING. magnolia and renegade have it worked out that they can do free photos all day long. they've got a pile of props and the photobooth set up is out-of-control great. those of you who know me personally know that i am a photobooth freak, and i am usually not so psyched on digital set ups, but really - this guy has got it down. the booth is beautifully designed, the lighting is fantastic, the color on the prints is unbelievably beautiful -- wow. seriously, if you've got an event and you want to rent a photobooth, go with these guys (check it out here). if i had loads of money, i'd want to buy one of these just to have at my house. because then i could do this all the time:

this lady, who makes great dolls (like the tattooed lady and strongman from the circus) and other stuffed things, was in our booth neighborhood as well. check out her work here. she's very nice.

other than about three hours in the afternoon on sunday, the wind wasnt TOO bad, and my set-up stayed in place relatively well. i was pleased with the way my pieces all looked on the wall:

moo and etsy teamed up to bring vendors packs of free business cards:

they were so cool that i almost didnt want to give them away, but before i knew it, i had -- there was only one left for me to keep for myself. i love their cards. and the packaging they send them in!

here are some other random shots:

so many friends stopped by to say hello; huge thanks to dan colby, and greg, and ron and jay, and michele and the babies, and other dan and baby, and tiffany, and leila and patrick, and bananas, and sarah and her mama, and jessica, and jason, and joe, and suzy, and suzanne, and kirsten, and sal and katie, and siri. and i probably forgot to mention one or two others and that makes me a jerk. it was a busy two days!

it was a great event - a great two days. i'm really glad that all the hard work that i had been doing in the months before seemed to have been worth it. now i'm doing my mad-dash packing and i fly out to los angles on wednesday - whoa!


Leila said...

Your booth was beautiful! I'm so happy that I got to see it and chat with you. Have a great time in California!

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

hey- did you wallpaper the false wall the cross-stitched pieces are on? whatever it is- it looks fantastic! congrats on a great show!

mimi k said...

It was wonderful being your neighbor- Thanks! And I love your report!