30 June, 2010

quick post

just a quick post , because i have soooo much to do today - but here are two custom pieces i did over the past few days:

one, this piece that i'm so happy with, to complete (or just add to?) lo's lovely little collection:

she asked for one of my "listen to your heart..." pieces, but in the scripty style of the smiths pieces. i did the lettering to look a little more like actual handwriting -- varying some of the letters and spacing. in the end, it all went into a 12.5 inch hoop -- the biggest i've done so far!

and then, a single O, like in my l.o.v.e. letters, but bigger:

sweet, eh?
have a great day!

1 comment:

Alexia said...

I love that cursive font! Where do you get your cross stitch alphabets? Or do you come up with them yourself?