26 June, 2010


there was birthday cake:

and cards, and presents, and drawings, and photos, and so many sweet sweet facebook posts and messages and emails and phonecalls. i love my friends all so much --- you make me realize that i am such a lucky girl - to know so much love. tomorrow i'll be continuing the celebration with an adventure to joshua tree. and then i'll be back to work and posting next week. x's and o's to you all.


sticks n stones said...

belated Happy Birthday
that is one sexy lookin cake x

Laura said...

YUM! What kind of cake is that? Look amazing!! Happy Birthday!

chezkimberly said...

thanks, ladies! laura - the cake is a crepe cake. you just make a bunch of crepes, and then fold whipped cream and pastry cream together to get a blend of the two, and you spread of thin layer of that between each crepe - making a pile as big as you want. i brushed some of the layers with fra angelico (liqueur) and put slivered almonds between others. super yummy!

Laura said...

Oh my goodness...sounds amazing!!! Thanks for the info.