01 December, 2008

on a lighter note...

i havent done any funny little crafts like this in quite a while -- sheeesh! i have been so serious lately, havent i?
well, there's noone quite like my friend dana b (aka ding dong) to bring out the nutty in me. we did a little collaborative crafting yesterday and made funny soaps.
check these out --

hahaha! teeth soaps!

and jewels, too!

i've been wanting to do these for a while.
wanna know how it's done? with silicone ice cube trays! they are both from this company called fred. i had seen the jewels one a couple of years ago and have been wanting it ever since. then, when i visited the newly opened fred flare shop in greenpoint, i saw that they had not only the cool jewels one that i wanted, but also this frozen smiles one, too. well miss dana b LOVES teeth stuff (seriously - like a crazy lady) so i thought she should have it. and i thought it was about time i got the one i wanted, too. i bought them both and dana and i made a plan to make some funny soaps. i had leftover soap base from these and these that i did a long ago so really, it was all rather simple. we went out for a couple of bloody marys, came back home, and got to work. in a few hours, we had this pile of teeth and jewels! i cant say they are the most luxurious or gourmet soaps (nothing like the from-scratch stuff i made with my friend molly last week. lye is scary!), but they sure are silly. the teeth ones are grapefruit scented and the jewels are enriched with sweet almond oil and scent.
anyways, we're gonna package them up and peddle them for cheap next weekend at bazaar bizarre. fun!

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