13 May, 2007

more fun with soaps

i was a little disappointed with my first round of soaps. yes, some of them turned out pretty, but they just weren't quite interesting enough for me. and then sweet baby aidyn came along with inspiration.
i found some google-y eyes, stuck them on my hand, and made a funny little hand-puppet-like thing -- you know, when you kinda make a sideways fist and you roll your thumb up and down to make it look like a talking mouth? well i did that for aidyn and he didnt quite know what to think - i think he was a little scared of it. and then i put the eyes on my knee, and then over my eyelids -- and he thought all of this was kinda funny, but he was still a little hesitant about those google-y eyes - he wouldn't get too close and although he was laughing at them, he said, "me no like those eyes." well, then he went to bed and i had the idea of making him some google-y eyed soap.
the other soap that i made him was inspired by his favorite breakfast food. okay, so that was more accidental than intentional, but the little squares are exactly the color and size and shape of ham, right?!?!!
when it was time for handwashing the next day, i showed him the soap.
we ended up playing in the sink for half an hour.

by the way --
did you notice the sweet baby mohawk?


Penguin & Fish said...

this is an awesome soap for kids. they'd be neat with other body parts too. CUTE!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement!!