14 May, 2007

cross my heart with x's and o's

over the weekend i learned a new craft - cross-stitch. i spent the weekend with my mama, and learned that she is the one who instilled, inspired, and encouraged my craftiness. and for that (and so much more), i love and thank her.
i was recently inspired to learn after seeing a beautiful little collection of antique black on white silhouette cross-stitch pieces in the foyer of a certain apartment building in greenpoint. so, i went out and got my supplies, and then asked my mom for a lesson. well, she pulled out a whole three bags full of supplies and half-completed projects. (a-HA! i also see where i get my proclivities for excessive-craft-supply-collecting and starting-but-not-always-finishing projects!) well, i consolidated her stash into one bag -- and came back to new york with the supplies and the know-how to start my own projects (which i hope to finish.)
i did this last night -- the cross-stitching isn't perfect, but i was happy that i was able to trace and make the pattern myself (using freezer paper as a stencil to guide my lines).

and this -- man, i can't even look at it without cracking up -- is one of my mom's projects - she had it ALMOST finished, and i learned by finishing the rest. ATTACK CRABS?!!?!?!? HAHAHHAHA. i will be hanging this on the door to my house.


Jason Geller said...

If you hang that on the door people may be afraid to come in or at the very least be wary of sitting down on anything.
Thx for the cool crayon.I hope you sold like crazy!
Lot's O' Luck!
-xo JMG

Kristen said...

ooo... soaps! those are dangerously close to the candle making supplies (and even on websites hard to seperate!) and i have always wanted to do that. hmm...

just stopping by to see what's new... i moved my blog! it's now at http://pommes-frites.blogspot.com... i like that better for a "craft business" name. also, did you hear about the sept hearts and crafts affair? i hope to see you there!