02 June, 2007

recent haps at the chez

this weekend -- there will be a whole lot of knitting, aaand knitting, aaand knitting... starting with a scarf with pockets made from this quick-knitting ultra bulky yarn

someday soon, when my work-life becomes a little less busy, i will finish these two ALmost complete cross-stitch projects.

this past wednesday, chez-sucre-chez teamed up with general/mountain-again for some more soap making experimentation. we started figuring out how to make the dull, craft-store-offerings of melt-and-pour soap-making at least a little more cool.

using my silicone ice cube tray as a mold...

throwing in the big plastic ring that greg and i have matching ones of from-the-time-we-went-to-jillian's-in-boston-together-years-and-years-and-years-ago.

saying, "f-it, let's see what happens if we just throw some lemon and lime zest in there." (seems to have worked -- smells great, and it hasn't really browned yet.) and using dried lavender. and using take-out containers for soap molds -- they look cool.

looks just like a cupcake. sweet. i wonder if the non-pariels will make cool colors in the shower.

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