08 December, 2008

weekend update

craft fair madness weekend was pretty great -- but i didnt get much sleep, that is for certain. i just got back home last night and now i have some digging out and readjusting to do before i post about the weekend's adventures.
take a look at something i did do, though:

i've opened a new online shop! and you dont need to be a member to make purchases -- you dont even need a paypal account. click on over here and check it out. i seriously JUST did this, so i dont know if there are any kinks and of course i want to tweak the design and all of that, but so far, seems pretty okay. i've got more items and lower prices here than on my etsy shop -- i'm offering this shopping experience to my friends, family and blog-readers only until after the holidays. be the first to make a purchase and i'll send you something extra!

1 comment:

Leila said...

This new shop looks fun. I'll have to head right on over.

I'm sad that I didn't make it to the Greenpoint fair. I had to work. I hope it went well!