09 December, 2008

dental impressions

heh-heh-heh -- word sure does travel fast on this here internet.
sometimes, it is in a cool way - like it was last week, when fred, the company that makes the molds that i used to make my teeth and jewel soaps, wrote to me saying how they heard about my project and think it is cool and can they link to my site.

it was actually on the very same day that i posted about the project. wow. very cool -- i sure am glad that they approve!


Kristen said...

i love these soaps. i have some heart ikea ice molds that I have been wanting to make candles out of but they are just a little too small, ya know? maybe it's time for my foray into soap making. that would make some great gifts :)

the stitchwoods said...

thats so great! I love Fred stuff. i have those ice cube trays too, I had never thought of using them for anything other than amusing ice cubes