29 November, 2008

let the madness begin

craft fair madness, that is.
and holiday shopping madness, too -- i mean, all of you filling your holiday shopping carts with chez-sucre-chez goodness!
i'm doing a craft fair marathon next weekend --
friday, december 5th -- i'll be in the student union building at kutztown university for their holiday marketplace. all you PA peeps should stop by and say hello.

saturday, december 6th -- i'll be at cafe grumpy in greenpoint for the hearts and crafts affair. c'mon by and see me brooklyn peeps!
sunday, december 7th -- dana b and i will be in boston for bazaar bizarre. it's always a good time, so all you new englanders, make a point of coming on out to the castle and stopping by my table!
and then the following weekend, i will be back in nyc for another fair -- this one in manhattan. more details on that one later.

besides the fairs, though -- there's always my etsy shop. check it out -- i'll be listing new items in the coming weeks. i'll let you know when they drop.
but wait -- there's more!
so, if you don't think that chez-sucre-chez merch is going to work for every person on your gift list, i've got suggestions for where else you can try:
looking to buy some super-awesome handcrafted jewelry? look here: skylark studios.
know someone with a new baby? check out clothesline for stuffies, tummytime mats, and onesies (she doesnt have her etsy shop all set up yet, but look at the stuff on her blog and then send her an email!)
know a dog fanatic? or someone with a new puppy? get em a super delux handmade collar (for the pooch) from collier leeds.
think someone you know needs some art for their walls? get them a day19 photo print or a spread the love illustration/print.

seriously, folks. we all know the economy is really stinky right now and it's making holiday shopping not quite so fun as it used to be. we're all feeling the crunch, we're all trying to spend less and to spend smarter when we do make purchases. it makes a heck of a lot of sense to me to encourage y'all to do as much of your shopping as possible from etsy shops and craft fairs and sites that allow you to purchase direct from the artist. this way, you are directly supporting a human being, not a huge corporation and, in most cases, the quality of whatever you do purchase is going to be so much better, because you know it is made by that human being, rather than something churned out of a factory.
but if you are reading this blog, you probably understand this already... so let's just call this a reminder.


Brook said...

Wow you are going to be BUSY!!!!

Anonymous said...

i am so impressed and rpoud and happy and elated for you, me dear friend!

kansasrose said...

Etsy is wonderful! Artists like you make it so. I totally agree with you! Buy handmade from people who love their craft. It's transforming the world.:)

zana said...

You've been getting some crazy publicity lately - congratulations!
I love the feel of your shop~
Just splendid...

emily said...

will you be bringing any of those pig tea towels to the bizarre bazaar in boston? :)

chez-sucre-chez said...

thank you so much for the support and encouragement and congratulatory notes! it is exciting, for sure, and seeing that you are here reading my little blog and cheering me on makes me feel like a superstar! you've all made this a great year so far for me... seriously -- i do appreciate your words so much.
(and emily -- yes! piggy towels will be in boston with me at bb!)

Leila said...

See you in Greenpoint!

karen said...

thanks for pluggin' K! awesome month for you! congrats! officially famous. I'm totally gonna blog about you ... skylarkstudio.blogspot.com

I'll try to stop by the sub and get some of those soapy teeth!!