21 November, 2008

more etsy love

this week's mail brought me further confirmation that etsy can be an awesome little thing to be a part of.
check it out -- i got a gift in the mail as a THANK YOU!

remember the horse head silhouette that i did a few weeks ago? it was done as a custom order for jessica, who had bought items from me previously and came back to my shop to see if i could work out this idea that she had. we exchanged a few emails back and forth and worked out a deal and a plan. the project definitely took more time than i had originally anticipated, but i was happy with the way it turned out and i really enjoyed working with jessica, so i didnt feel bad about charging her less than what i actually put into it.
and look at what this sweetie did --- she (a budding needlecrafter as well) was so appreciative that she sent me a thank you package! this is awesome!
personalized packaging!

(makes me think, "i gotta step it up on my etsy order packaging!")

here's part of what she sent to me:

aren't these envelopes great? maybe i just love them because of my butcher-cut piggy totes -- NO! -- i love them because they are SO COOL. if you are looking for some rather nifty stationary, to give as a gift or for your own use, you should definitely check out jessica's etsy shop. she's got lots of patterns and designs that appeal to those of us with slightly off-kilter taste. (and she makes coordinating stickers to go along with them!)
thanks so much, jessica! keep in touch!

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