08 November, 2008

tag, i'm it.

i was informed by karen, of blueberry park, that she had tagged me. eeks! i didnt even know what that meant; i thought it meant that i had been bookmarked or listed on a blog. nope -- i found out that it means i've been tagged more like in the way when you are kids and you tag someone and then they become "it." it appears that i am it! well i am good at playing nicey nice, so here it goes -- let's begin:
the rules of tagging are as follows: (i copied this directly from karen's blog)

1) Link to your tagger and list all these rules in your blog.
2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by including links to their blogs
4) Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

seven facts about me... hmmmmm. okay. i guess they can be pretty much anything.
i have scars on my body from both a cat bite and a horse bite.
my favourite foods are pizza, sandwiches and ice cream (in no particular order).
i was a new york city public school teacher for four years.
i have one sister -- who, with her husband, owns a restaurant. she is awesome.
i sometimes dream of being a baker.
i very much enjoy reading non-fiction literature.
i am a terrible runner.

eeks -- looking at it now, it feels a little scary to divulge all of that. i guess that is what bloggers do, though, huh? am i a blogger? hm... a little weird.

okay - so here are the people i am going to tag:

***melanie of turtlebunnylove -- mel lives in the same town as me and i've just recently met her -- she is rad. she does illustration and custom invites.
***m.m. of a clock without hands -- i have a little girl-crush on her.
***danica of slowprogress/comfies -- her blog is really pretty and inspiring -- i enjoy her choice of material.
***greg of mountain again/general -- he's one of my best friends. he doesn't update his blog and he won't do this tagging thing.
***dana of love13bird -- she's also one of my best friends, but she LOVES a list, so she might enjoy this tagging thing.
***kristen of pommes frites -- i met her at a hearts and crafts affair craft fair quite some time ago -- she's got an etsy shop and does other cool stuff.
***kira of miss birney -- she organizes those hearts and crafts affair craft fairs. she's also a retired nyc school teacher. she's awesome.

not it!


comfies said...

i think that's very cool that you were a school teacher, i bet you have some stories to tell. and don't worry, i don't think divulged too much! you're the second person who's tagged me recently and i still haven't responded to the first one! i better get started!

comfies said...

i meant: i don't think YOU divulged too much.