02 November, 2008

and i call it, puppy love

i know -- a little different than my usual style.
puppies aren't really the kind of subject i get a hankerin' to use in my work, but i found a few in some of the pennsylvania german samplers and i figured it'd give it a go. they're little and simple and, yeah, kind of cute. and the dual color thing is new, too...
eh, experiments.


Anonymous said...

i want them. i want them both and i want them right now. seriously, if they aren't sold already - they are now! let me know how much! xo, hezza

chez-sucre-chez said...

dear miss hezza --- for being my number one cheerleader and positive supporter (AND for having a birthday coming up WAY soon -- or is it today, even?) -- they are yours. done. taken. finito. i'm sending them to you via mail, my friend. xoxoxoxo.