10 November, 2008

another gift...

...guide mention!

yeah for country living! see the online listing here.
i think it is in print, too -- i'm gonna have to run out to the newsstand to check.
this one i knew about. kirsten from country living found me at renegade this summer and invited me to be a part of the holiday gift guide feature. i stitched up the letters for them and sent them to their team to get photographed. so exciting! hooray!

i actually really like how the project turned out. this is what i sent them:

each of the letters is in a different font and normally, they would all end up being different sizes and looking a little wonky together, but i did them all on different sized aida cloth and so the letters ended up being about the same size.

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Katy said...

I got my issue of Country Living in the mail yesterday, and it's in there. I saw it before I read your post! Congratulations!