01 August, 2008

there's a bat in my bedroom.

he's sleeping in my curtains right now... i'm just gonna let him snooze for a while...
(holy crap he's so cute.)

8:50am update -- he's still sleeping.
i dressed up in my best bat-gear.

and then i pulled the curtains down.

he didn't flinch.
he's having quite a nap, i guess.

okay -- next step -- i gotta go in there with a broom.

Okay -- he's gone. SCHWEW! that was an ordeal. he was shaking, i was shaking. we were both scared and nervous and sad and freaking out. i pushed him with the broom and he slid in between the window panes (the top window and the open bottom window). he was just sitting there shaking like a little leaf and i was so upset i had to leave the room for a minute. i came back in and thought he was gone. he had just moved to the side -- the window casings. ugh. i thought i squished him when i opened the window wider. finally, he flew out. holy bat wings, that was entirely too much commotion for me today. emil and i were all snuggled up in bed and then heard this noise -- we thought he was a bird when he came through at 5:45 this morning, and by 5:50, i was up and out of bed and had the cat locked out of the room and the screen off the window and --- oh, man, i hope he doesn't come back.


comfies said...

your blog continues to be so cute. i'm glad the bat made it out ok...maybe a bat needs to be needle pointed! in honor of your little visitor!

Leila said...

Wow! That sounds like quite an experience. I'm glad that it all ended well for everyone though. No bad bites like for Leya on Curious Bird!

jen said...

that is the sweetest thing ever! i wish there were tiny bats sleeping in my room!

Alexis said...

Bats are cute--but I like them better when they are not inside my house!