08 August, 2008


i returned from my trip to nyc/nj yesterday and these were waiting in the mail pile for me:

i LOVE these postcards.
they were sent to me by my friend, the artist, barbara reiser.
she and i met when we were table-neighbors at a hearts and crafts affair (craft fair) at cafe grumpy in greenpoint last year. she was selling her drawings and i had my mish-mash of crafty miscellany on display. our work looked so cool displayed side-by-side. at the time, i was doing a lot of red-work stitching (like my red-on-white hand-towels) and had also done a lot of embroidered ponies. barbara had several drawings of ponies and her color palette featured complimentary reds and blues on whites, off-whites, and beige backgrounds.
her drawings are fantastic.
see for yourself here.

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comfies said...

those are awesome, agreed!