26 August, 2008

"she had dust on her hands from the sky...

... she said i touched a cloud."*

FIN_AL_LY i finished this set of clouds.

it's a custom order -- two four-inch pieces and one five-incher, with the potential to add on to the collection.
i had to get new fabric specifically for this order and let me tell you, finding really really wonderful blues in aida cloth is not as easy as one might think! there are lots of blues out there, but so many were too this, or too that... this one was just right (really quite lovely, actually) but it is a smaller grid-count size than i usually work with -- and i hadnt anticipated that... smaller grid-size = more stitches...
however, the pieces are now complete, and i really do love them. i'm happy with the way they turned out. i think they work well together. fingers are crossed that valerie likes them and, if she does, poof! they are out in the mail today.

(update - she likes them! she really, really likes them!)

*(chez-sucre-chez, referencing ride, referencing salinger)


CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

These are simple but SO pretty!!! I would put a bunch of them in my bedroom!

Leila said...

How could she NOT love them! They're beautiful. I think the extra effort you put into finding the right fabric was worth it.