18 August, 2008

new studio view

my papa came over to my house this weekend to help me get my studio in order. although i still have more organizing and personalizing to do, this looks and feels so much better!

it's kind of an awkward little studio space, with two paths going through it -- one to the bathroom and one to the back stairway, but i really really love it. i love the light, which i can manipulate with a thin curtain (you'll notice that effect in these photos; the brighter, more whitish ones were taken with the curtain open and the more colorful, softer ones were taken with the curtain pulled across the window.)

the view from the main doorway to my studio:

the view from the doorway of the back stairway:

pop hung the shelves and the pegboard for me -- what a difference that makes!
i'm quite pleased with the pegboard space. it allows me to see my hoop inventory and to hang all of my cross-stitch pieces, so i can see what i've got and move things around to create groupings or whatever.

also this weekend, i bought myself a cute comfortable chair. this is much better for hours-long stitch sessions than the stool i was using before. my back says, "thank you!"

so yep, i still have some work to do; i'd like a little lamp and a table and a rug over by my chair, as well as some other details, but for now, i'm feeling pretty good about this workspace!
thanks for your help this weekend mama and papa!


Leila said...

It looks great! I like the way the pink paint in the room matches the pink background of your blog.

Your big black cat looks an awful lot like my big black cat. Maybe they're twins.

amy said...

what an amazing studio space! you are very, very lucky!