28 August, 2008

shoat tote

did you know that "shoat" is a word for a little baby pig? i didn't, until a few days ago. i am currently re-reading "the grapes of wrath" -- i was obviously not ready for that book when i was required to read it in school - i had remembered nearly nothing about it. this time around, though? wowsers, the book is fantastic -- really, really, REALLY good. if you are in need of a good read, i highly recommend it.
anyways, the word "shoat" is used a few times rather early on in the book. i inferred from the context clues that the word meant pig, but i looked it up to confirm. yep, i was right; specifically, it's used to refer to a young pig. well, what timing for this new vocabulary word! my piggy-themed projects were already well underway and i had just finished one of these black tote bags. you know how much i love a rhyme or a pun --- shoat tote. wow. perf.

available for purchase through my etsy shop.

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Brook said...

I love the Grapes of Rath!!! I think I need to Re-read it as well!!!