11 October, 2012

mull it over

for the past couple of months, i've been working on a project for terrain and they've finally hit the shelves; seasonal goodness -- mulling spices! my studio, with over a hundred pounds of mulling spices in it, smells amazing.

the first part of the project was selecting fabric for the bags. at my favourite dry goods store, wooden bridge in kutztown PA, i found four prints that i liked. i was hoping i'd be able to find three or four that i liked both on their own and together and that they'd each evoke a warm autumny feeling. i think these work quite well. i love a project that allows me to go fabric shopping.

then i sewed up all of the bags, and was able to do that lickety split with the help of my mama. (she's been a champ of a helper since she retired; i love it!)

then the fun part -- filling the bags. each gets two scoops of mulling spice mix (a blend of cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and dried orange peels) two re-usable steeping bags, and a cinnamon stick. each bag/packet makes up to four batches of mulled wine or cider. yum!

then they get packed up and shipped to terrain, which is a little funny to me - because i live less than two miles from the shop. but the shipments go to the distribution center, which makes sense because there's now a terrain in CT, and they do online sales. (the last i looked, the mulling spice bags weren't available online, but i just sent a new batch - maybe they soon will be?)

speaking of terrain, on saturday, i'm going to dinner there at the cafe and i couldn't be more pleased and excited. i was invited to take part in what they are calling the terrain table -- a gathering of artists, farmers, bloggers, community members and other friends of terrain. how fun does that sound? this is exactly the type of event/gathering that i love doing and wish i were able to more often host in my home. i LOVE love love sharing beautiful meals with inspiring people. i'm taking my friend jill along with me and we're both super psyched. (i'm guessing i'll probably snap a few shots and post them on instagram... take a peek there!)

for those of you able to come to clover market on sunday, i'll have a few packets of mulling spices with me. come and get 'em!

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