25 October, 2012

american made - recap

The Martha Stewart Presents American Made event last week was awesome. My head is still spinning with gratitude and joy that I was invited to be a part of the Our Finds Marketplace. Here's a blurb about the Marketplace that was hanging nearby our little table set-ups:

Wow. Seriously.
I didn't get many photos, because I'm pretty terrible at documenting these types of events. I sometimes remember that I should take photos, and then I run around snapping shots and then, when I look back at them, I realize that they're all really terrible photos. Sorry. Here is at least a little glimpse of what our Marketplace looked like:

(that's my set-up on the left and then Vintage by Crystal next to me, and then Threadfollower to the right, and Gleena Ceramics at the very right edge of the shot.)

My set-up was on the end, at at the end-cap, Posman books was selling copies of some of Martha Stewart's books. Around the other end, directly behind me, was Jane D'Arensbourg, and then Foxy & Winston.

The great thing about this set-up is that we artists/vendors were all so close to one another, that we got to hang out and gab all day long. Usually, at craft fairs, I don't leave my booth - either because I'm there all by myself or, when I do have help, because I don't want to miss the opportunity to talk with my customers or anyone who might pop by to see me. So --- I don't usually get the chance to meet and talk to other vendors. I worry that people think I'm a snob - but I'm not, I swear! At this event, however, our close proximity and shared space allowed me to make new friends - hooray! I so enjoyed talking to the Janes (Jane D'Arensbourg and Jane of Foxy & Winston), Crystal of Vintage by Crystal (Her work is SO cool - my photos were terrible - but you should click the link to see what she does.) Cynthia Treen of ThreadFollower, Jordan of Enormous Champion, Asya of Gleena Ceramics, Angela Ligouri (her shop/studio was featured in the latest issue of Living. Her work and products are so pretty!), and Claire, who was with Winter Water Factory. What a great bunch of women!

Almost directly across from my table was this:

It's amazing. I swooned when I saw it in the November issue of Living and it's just as impressive in real life. Alisa Toninato, of FeLion Studios, is the artist behind these cast iron pans. I got to chat with her a bit as we were all setting up on Tuesday and I asked her about the crazy looking boots that she's wearing in the photoshoot for Living, and she explained that they're to protect her tootsies in the event that spilled molten metal should get on them. Yikes!
The only other honoree that I got to speak with was Flora Grubb, she's super sweet, too!

Honestly, after three days of going to "work" in the beautiful and historic Grand Central Terminal, surrounded by so much talent and inspiration, I kind of didn't want it to end! It really was as good as I hoped it would be, with workshops and presentations (that I wish I could have attended), beautiful floral arrangements, delicious food samples (we vendors would occasionally hear of some deliciousness or other being served and we'd sprint over to snag a sample!), and scores of amazing people. I got to meet more of the MSLO staff (including Jodi Levine, whose work with Kids magazine was some of my favourite of all the MSLO publications.) and so many really encouraging and enthusiastic supporters of chez-sucre-chez.

Phew! It was a great three days. THANK YOU Betsy, and Jennifer, and Ayesha, and Marcie and Hannah and Martha and everyone else who helped to put the event together and to make me a part of it!

Check out some of the press of the event (and see some photos of me!) on the MSL tumblr and this post and this post of the Martha blog.

That's my mom & pop at Grand Central! They took a special train trip up to see me in the big city -- so did my Nani and Aunt Laurie. I'm so lucky to have such a supportive family. Love.

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