22 October, 2012

a most beautiful gathering

Last Saturday night (actually, it was the Saturday night before the one that just passed) I was so fortunate and flattered to have been invited to the beautifully inspiring Terrain for a gathering and shared meal. They called it the Terrain Table and held it to bring together members of the Terrain community -- artists, farmers, bloggers, community members, employees of Terrain (and other UO brands), and other wonderful people -- so that we could meet and mingle and share an evening of wonderful food, warmth, conversation, and inspiration.
It. was. amazing. I am so happy to have been there, and that my friend Jill was able to go with me. We swooned over all of the details (and the food!) and mingled with our fellow diners. I took photos, but they were less than stellar. Here are two, which will give you just a teeny idea of how awesome it was:

Susan Hutchinson, author of the blog Fluerishing (remember, she and I worked together to create custom pieces for the nursery of her twins?) was there and did good post about the evening on her blog. See it here. I found another great and comprehensive post on the Free People blog (here). (And, if you see the photo down the table, you can see Jill and me - I'm the one with the red bandana head!)

Sharing food, drink, and conversation with interesting people and/or loved ones is possibly my favourite thing in the world. I wish that could happen every night, but then, maybe I'd take it for granted. Well, I certainly didn't take for granted that I was able to take part in this very special evening. Thank you, Terrain (and, especially, Miss S!).

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