28 October, 2012

bowled over

For the Martha Stewart event, I knew that I only had a small table space and wasn't going to be able to bring too much in terms of props or hardware for my set-up, so I opted to keep it simple and just brought four different products from my kind-of all-over-the-place line. I brought the cross-stitch kits, a selection of monogram tea towels, the new produce bags, and bowl covers. Those bowl covers sold out the first day! I should have known; the same thing happened at Renegade Brooklyn this summer -- I thought I had made plenty and then POOF, they were gone. The funny thing is that these have never sold well in my online shop, but when people see them in person, they freak out over them!

They're really hard to get good photos of, I think that's one of the issues with the online sales thing. I'm hoping that this new batch of photos is a little more interesting than my last ones... Anyways, with the holiday season coming up, and Clover Market next weekend (Ardmore, PA - 11/4) and Crafty Bastards (Washington DC - 11/10) the weekend after that, I'm sewing up more. Hopefully this time I'll be better prepared (and that, once I am, people have the same reaction to them)!

Currently, I've got them in the classic ticking stripe, blue linen, natural/light beige color linen, and this beautiful floral print. I love this floral print so much that, when I couldn't find it anymore at my local fabric shop, I special ordered more. I think it's got the same sweet charm of a Liberty print.

The packaging for the covers has certainly improved since I first started offering them! Originally, I just had them all lumped together in a bin, and girls would go running over to them exclaiming, "Bonnets!" Seriously. And then they'd be interested once they realized what they really were, but still - it made me wonder if I should, indeed, start making bonnets!
At Renegade, I packaged them in little green paperboard strawberry boxes, and that worked well, but the new bakery bag packaging is a huge improvement, I think. I like the way it instantly makes them more gift-able. (And, they look so neat and tidy all lined up on my studio shelf as I add more and more to my stock pile.)

Check them out in my online shop. Better yet, if you are local to PA or DC, come and see me at Clover Market or Crafty Bastards and see them for yourself! (I'll have them in more colors/prints and sizes, too.)

Here in the Middle-Atlantic/east coast, we're getting ready for some major storm action. It's so hard to tell with the media these days, and with unpredictable weather, what's really going to go down. But we've got water jugs filled, flashlights and candles ready, and plenty of snacks in the house, just in case. I'm going to jump off the computer and bake us some yummy bread now, too. Best wishes out there to all my friends in the storm path; stay safe! xo.

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Skylark Studio said...

did I ever get a chance to tell you how awesome these are looking? especially the bags. good stuff girl.