15 May, 2012

life is....


these were my favourites from last evening's spontaneous photo shoot. b and i went out in the yard to check on the garden (the peas, spinach, carrots, arugula and lettuces are coming up in the downstairs beds!) and i was totally enchanted by the long grass and clover. i'd been imagining this photo scenario for the past week, and although last night it was darker out, and the grass more wet than perhaps ideal, i think they turned out even cooler than i expected. that b, he's good. (remember this one and this one and this one?)

here are a few shots of the work in progress:

i got to the very end of the border, connecting up with where i began, and realized that i had made a mistake somewhere along the way -- the ends weren't meeting up where they were supposed to. boy, was i frustrated. after looking and looking and counting and counting, i found the mistake, and thanked heavens that it was only two scallops over from the end. phew! ripping out stitches is way more painful and time-consuming than making stitches... i've gotten to understand that when this happens, it's usually time for me to put the project down for a bit. in this case, it was well past my bedtime and though i couldn't find the mistake when i was looking for it that night, i found it right away in the morning after a good sleep.

here it is among other pieces for my display at art star:

(this was the day before, as i was planning my display. i later opted to switch the frame.)

and here are two more.

i'm so enjoying working on these larger pieces (all of my current designs have been 11 x 17.) they take a heck of a lot longer, but i think this is where i need to be going, in terms of challenging myself....
in the coming weeks, however, i'm going to be spending some serious brainstorming/doodling/design time trying to come up with some new kit designs --- i know some of you have been waiting for them! (and i very much appreciate the emails asking me about them - it keeps me motivated, so thank you!)
et voila. i hope you're having a beautiful day/night wherever you are. xo.

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