29 May, 2012

seasons greetings

memorial day is the unofficial start of summer here in the US and this past weekend was full of perfect weather for that. we had a little backyard party, gathering friends and family for a wiffle ball game and some relaxing.

later in the evening, we had a big bonfire and cooked veggie hot dogs on sticks. there were also s'mores and cupcakes and home-made ice cream.
(i like how, in this next photo, you can see the glow of the fire as well as a hand grabbing one of the cupcakes.)

and now i'm jumping into a short work-week before the last of the clover markets for this spring season. i am expecting to do lots of shop updates -- new listings and new photos, it's well past time for that! i also intend to spend some time working on designs for new kits - fingers crossed that the inspiration strikes!

here's a sneaky peek of a job i did this past week:
ooooh gold. you'll get to see the rest soon, i hope! as soon as i have photos to post, i'll put them up.

and here's a shot i took last week of one of the simple embroidered hearts i did recently. sometimes i really love super simple pieces.

have a great week, friends!

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