02 May, 2012

introducing, tiny marie

hello friends -- today i'm giving you just a teeny little sneak peek at the work of my friend tiffany, whose little company is called tiny marie. she and i will be sharing a booth this sunday at the clover market in ardmore, PA.
tiffany and i have been getting together for tuesday morning productivity sessions for the past couple of months; we spend the mornings together working on individual projects and offering advice and motivation to keep on task. i could use a work-date schedule like that every day of the week! tiff is a little nervous because this is the first show she's done in a long time, but as you can see from these photos that i took yesterday, the girl is ready.
come see tiffany's beautiful bags, wall art pieces, and jewelry (her craftsmanship is outta-control amazing) and my usual chez-sucre-chez set-up on this sunday.
(ps- don't forget that mother's day is coming up here in the US. if you're close enough to make it, the clover market will be a terrific spot to find all kinds of loveliness for all kinds of moms!)


Jen Lindsay Design said...

So cool! Good to have someone to share the load. Hope to make it out to see you this Sunday.

Chase Clark said...

Aww her stuff is super cute! I can see how well your products will go together in the booth. Good luck!