26 July, 2010

renegades in the city of angels

thank you so much to everyone who stopped by my booth at renegade this weekend. it was, as usual, a great event. (those renegade folks really know how to do it right!)
here was my little set-up --
day one:

day two:

super huge thanks to josh, who helped me to put my display boards together (using the design that my pal melanie linder did for brooklyn renegade -- beautiful!). i definitely enjoyed the ease of using just two boards, and the fact that L.A. was nowhere near as windy as philly or brooklyn. i was able to easily move things around when pieces sold or when i thought it needed a freshing up.
thanks, too, to my wonderful boothmate -- mia of 'ticings, who does edible design "stickers" for cakes and cupcake decoration (which are very cool - you should check them out.) she and her daughter were sweet as can be and i got to be around cupcakes all day! perfect!


Kristel said...

your booth was one of my faves. I bought a DIY boyfriend hankie and was able to convince my GF to sew it for me :D

chezkimberly said...

aw! thank you, kristel! i'm so glad that you stopped by and found me -- and then took the time to write this encouraging little comment. happy summer!