31 July, 2010

L.A. sentimental

prior to renegade, i stitched up a few california/l.a. specific pieces.
first there was this one: which i forgot to take a proper photo of -- this is just a crappy shot taken with my phone:

ugh -- it's such a bad photo -- sorry. it sold pretty quickly - and the girl who bought it was exactly the kind of person i was thinking of as i stitched the piece. she was really excited about it - she's following her dream of doing costuming here in hollywood. awesome.

and then there was this piece:

which didnt sell. (boo.) the reference may have been a little too obscure. it's from the morrissey song "first of the gang to die" which, i do believe, is set in or about L.A. that's how i read it, anyhow... i assumed the reservoirs were the ones out here. i still really like the piece. i'm thinking that i'm gonna make it one of the key pieces for a show that i'll eventually be doing at THIS gallery here in L.A. -- and i'll stitch up some other pieces with L.A. inspired lyrics to go in a grouping. there've got to be tons of L.A. songs; if you can think of any especially good ones, please let me know!

i also had two "listen to your heart and follow it, even if it takes you all the way to california" and both of those sold - which made me happy.
currently, i've got a commission for a "listen to your heart and follow it, even if it takes you all the way to montana." boss! (as my montana friend r. rudd would say....) i'll show it off when it's complete.

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bee listy said...

the moz song isn't obscure-- you just didn't have the right audience.

i can't believe there's another cross-stitching moz/smiths fan. :)