19 July, 2010


over the weekend i had the opportunity to see a show of some of ed emberley's work.
as if that wasnt amazing enough, i also got to meet him and do a collaborative drawing with him:

on the left is my raccoon, the way i've been drawing them since discovering mister emberley's "how to draw" books a few years ago. on the right is his raccoon. i did the heart.
the show is up at scion installation l.a. - and it runs through to august 7th. i HIGHLY recommend that you go see it if you can. there are prints and drawings done by mister emberley as well as the prep sketches for several of his books. there's also work done by more contemporary artists who have been influenced by ed emberley's work.


Megan Woodard Johnson said...

holy cow- i can't believe you got to draw with ed emberly!

Leila said...

Wow, that IS awesome! Lucky duck!

melanie linder said...

AWESOME!!! I remember you drawing that raccoon at the firehouse!! xoxoxoxox