04 February, 2010

tying up loose strings

in just a few short weeks my floss collection went from this:

(eeks! i am scared just looking at it! i swear this image wasn't set up - that is REALLY how i stored and carried my ever-growing collection of floss for the past year or two. horrendous! shameful! embarrassing!)
to this:

aaaah.... that is SO much better.
it took several hours of untangling knots and winding cards while watching netflix movies. a lot of the really messy stuff in the middle of the jumble got thrown away -- stuffed into strawberries, actually. i've got several more skeins, though -- i think i may need and want a second box!
hooray organization! so - my advice to anyone starting out with embroidery or cross-stitch: get yourself a floss box - right away -- as soon as you get your first skein of embroidery floss. these little boxes are only like $5 and it'll save you a lot of aggravation down the line!

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Flo said...

It''s wonderful this box with all colors !