08 February, 2010

picture pages (testing)

Chez Sucre Chez
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the chez-sucre-chez flickr pool has begun! super huge thanks to leila for making it happen and posting the first two photos. leila has just moved into a new home - a process that's been in the works for several months - so i am psyched that one, she stitched up these two kits that i sent her as two of the very first projects in the new home, two, that she got so creative with my home-sweet-home pattern, and THREE, that she took and posted photos to the flickr group. way to go, leila! seeing her interpretation of the home-sweet-home piece made me really excited and eager to see more; i made the group so that you could show off your chez-sucre-chez stitches or photos of your home-sweet-home with chez-sucre-chez items living happily there. click here to see the group "rules" and please do add to the fun!
hmmm, i did this post through flickr -- i gotta figure out how to format it like my other posts... until then, though, it stays...


Leila said...

Wow! I feel famous today! Thanks for making my day with such a nice post.

勁爆 said...
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