12 February, 2010

THIS is happening

my friends claire and jeremy, the amazing duo behind day19, have joined some other very talented and motivated people to create a new art space/gallery in los angeles. (you should read the backstory - it's really rather exciting and inspiring.) for the very first gallery event at THIS, the group decided to put together a show of work created by their friends. i feel seriously honored and flattered to have been invited to send one of my x-stitch pieces out there to california to hang on the walls among art by some very impressive peeps.
the opening for this show (called "these friends") is happening tonight in LA. if you are near there, you should go. i can promise you it'll be a very special event. these kids know a lot of really cool people, and i am sure that much of the work hanging on those walls will be top-notch. for details, click here. (and if you cant get there tonight, but you're near enough to LA to pay a visit, the show'll be up for a few weeks more!)

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