03 February, 2010

mentions and notices

here are a few mentions of chez-sucre-chez on blogs that have come to my attention recently:

one on belgian blog la vie en mode (in english)

see the sweet post here.

one on the cross-stitch/embroidery blog mr. x stitch:

the post is here -- it was recommended by the sweet and talented nicole, of astulabee (you gotta click on her link and look. at. those. ponies. !!!!!!! scream-into-pillow freak-out awesome!)

one on beautiful blog freshly blended:

here's the post.

and one more ( which i meant to put up last week!), from the super-duper blog super duper things:

here is that post.

thanks so much, bloggers! one of these, or all of these, or one i missed, sure did bring a bump in traffic this past few days. hooray! thanks again!


cara. said...

oh my! i've actually seen you ALL OVER the place recently. it's great to see people responding to your work so much! congratulations!

azuliverde.21 said...

I love each piece of your work. Congratulations!

A question: where do you buy those such little round frames?

I live in Uruguay and never saw anything alike...

Thanks so much.