15 February, 2010

zips in the totes

though i sometimes wish otherwise, i am just not a fancy handbag girl. i love shoes, and pretty underthings, and dresses, but with purses - i simply cannot be bothered. i once fell in lust with a lovely little number from hayden-harnett, but in the end, i didnt go through with it. i'm a tote girl; even if i am carrying just one thing -- a zippy pouch containing my money and cards and keys and such -- i throw it in a tote. (except when i am going out - like going out at night -- then i just carry the zippy.) nine times out of ten, however, i've also got a project or three in that tote with me; due in part to my nomadic lifestyle and part to my getting-worse-all-the-time seeming inability to go anywhere or spend any time without a project in my hands. since i cant just throw my needles and thread into the tote without getting tangles and pricked fingers, i kinda like to contain everything within what i call a project bag. for the past couple of years this has been my project bag:

haha - it's great. my grandmother picked it up for me years ago at her local knitting place down in the outer banks of north carolina. having a knitting needle bag that i really liked, i didnt quite know what to do with this one, and then somehow it became that bag that goes almost everywhere with me. i put a collection of needles in the zipper fabric:

and the bag itself is just right for carrying a small pair of scissors, a spool or two or three of thread, skeins of embroidery floss, buttons, measuring tape, rotary cutters -- etc. etc. i switch out the contents frequently, depending on what i'm working on.
recently, however, i realized that this one is looking a little beat up. there are holes in both corners (most likely from me jamming scissors that are just too big in there) and now stuff is starting to fall out and get lost. and then i realized that i had lots of vinyl scraps left over from when i first started making the sandwich wrappers and was not cutting the material efficiently. so -- i decided to use that vinyl to make some new project bags like this:

hooray! i wanted to make a couple, or a few, so that i could have different bags for different projects and so that i wouldnt have to switch things out so frequently. i also wanted to make them a little bigger so that all (or at least most) of the parts needed for the project could all fit into the bag.

this one contains all of my strawberry-making supplies (except for the lavender and the stuffing...). next i'm gonna designate one for all of my sandwich-wrapper-making supplies and another for basic cross-stitch and embroidery (with extra 3, 4, and 5 inch hoops).
but guess what -- i still have some extras. i figured that maybe one of you may need and want a project bag, so i went on ahead and listed two of them in my bigcartel shop. there's another one just like the one i'm using for my strawberry-making supplies:

(get it here.)
and then there's this one:

i love this one; but i thought i'd be nice and offer it to you... it's got this great old-lady kinda look to it -- very retro! it'd also make a great toiletries bag. that listing is here.
what do you you think; should i make and list a few more of these? i've got the material, and the zippers - the time, i'm short on, but it can be done somewhere down the line...

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melanie said...

yes, i LOVE them!!! especially the last one! xoxoxoxox