12 January, 2010

z's girls

have you heard about the poppies? jan and earl, the amazing duo behind poppytalk (look at that site redesign - beautiful!), have come up with a sweet little award contest thingy for the crafty set. they're going to be awarding "poppies" to the best (or, at least, most popular) in several categories of crafter. my z-town girls have decided that it'd be cool if we all at least made a try for getting nominated. if you've got a minute or two, please help make that happen!

if you've seen skylark studio/karen stanford's jewelry, you know it's rad. antlers, birds, nouveau-style dutchy tulips, all done out of hand-cut sterling and made into earrings, necklaces, and tie-tacks. she should totally be nominated for favourite handmade jewelry. click here, scroll to the bottom, click "leave comment" and put her name in!

how about doing the same thing for melanie linder? her illustrations, prints, and postcards are outta control adorably awesome! i wish i could draw even a teeny bit as well as mel. here's the link to nominate her in the category of favourite affordable art.

and sara smedley -- remember those julia-child-inspired aprons and tea-towels that were making the rounds on the blogs a couple of months ago? those are her fantastic design. let's help her get the nomination for favorite in textiles; click here and do the scroll down and comment thing. you just need to leave her name and/or etsy shop address!
jen has a bun in the oven that's just about cooked - so she's not had so much time to keep up her etsy shop. she'll be back in action in a few months, though. look at this beautiful little ornament that she made for each of us z-town gals right before x-mas. i love it:

yeah, it's not such a good photo... sorry.
anyways --- the last day for nominations is today. of course that's short notice. so my style. please go on and do it now if you can! here's the link for the full details. thanks!

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