11 January, 2010

like strawberries in summertime

my little fabric stuffed strawberries and strawberry sachet sets are in the february issue of country living magazine!

they're included in a round-up of 50 "brilliant bargains" that all cost under $50. man, i am loving country living magazine; and not just because they've been so good to chez-sucre-chez. i've said it before and i will say it again, it is so much more of a hip magazine than it used to be - or than i remember it being. maybe i just never gave it a chance, or maybe now that i'm old i think it's cool. or maybe it's because i live out in the country now... whatever. those of you who miss domino should really give it a looksie; i think they're working (and doing a pretty good job) to fill that void, but in keeping with more of a country than an urban aesthetic.

i'm happy that people seem to be noticing and responding to my little berries -- they're selling as fast i can make them; which is fine with me, because i actually really enjoy making them. the bushel in the photo above is completely empty now that i've filled my orders from last week! another cool thing is that so many of the customers who have placed orders for the berries have been so sweet in the notes and email exchanges they've sent.

in making the latest batch i found a new scrap of red in my fabric pile and i LOVE the little berries that it makes:

okay -- i'm off to make more berries now...
but wait -- with all this talk of strawberries, let's think about summertime for a moment, shall we?

aaah. from this past summer, when my friend molly and i went picking organically grown strawberries at a local farm (whose name i forget). they may have been the most delicious berries i have ever tasted.

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Leila said...

Oh dear! That made me REALLY want to eat some strawberries. Too bad I'll have to wait!