21 January, 2010

triple dutch

i stitched these up over the past couple of days:

i fell in love with this square dutchy pattern that i found in some old book, and then i wanted to try it in a few different color ways.
stark, graphic white on black:

i always love the crispness of white on black.

traditional blue and red - done on higher-count aida cloth (bigger squares):

lots of the patterns that i find are printed in blue and red like this. i am not sure if that is the colors that they were intended to be worked in, or if red and blue were the most readily printed colors - or if it because they are easy to read.

and more modern creamy yellowy gold on grey:

i know -- yellow and grey are SO spring 2009, or was it 2008... whatever. i like the subtlety of the muted colors and how the border around the design gives it a whole different feel.
i think i've got one more variation that i want to try.... or maybe i'll put this one down for a bit and move onto the next project. i made these all sized to fit in those white square ikea frames. square frames are kinda hard to find! i'd love to find some good old ones --- i'll have to keep my eyes open for them.

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grossomodo said...

I´m in love with your work!