20 January, 2010

poppy-larity contest

remember a week or so ago i rallied to get my z-town girls nominated to the poppies? well, it turns out that we've all been nominated, an all of our own separate categories, along with HUNDREDS of other crafty types. it's a little daunting.
if you'd like, and you have a minute, and you havent yet voted for someone else, please click on the link here to support chez-sucre-chez. you can only vote once, per computer.. vote on your iphone, too!
i gotta be honest, i am not really feeling too uber-positive about this one. i think that jan and earl over at poppytalk are absolutely fantastic -- they've been really good to chez-sucre-chez and i always enjoy the correspondences i have with them -- and i totally see the awesomeness in their vision for the poppies, but i think that that this award will be a bit more of a contest of who does the most twittering and facebooking and blogging for votes than it will be about most-deserved crafter. HOWEVER, that being said, let's give a vote for chez-sucre-chez, shall we? so that i at least wont look like a total loser....
thanks, friends!

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