06 January, 2010

show us your kits!


i'm declaring january (and february and probably march) chez-sucre-chez do-it-yourself kit month. it's darned cold out there!
i know that i don't feel too motivated to go out and run around and do and see stuff when the nights are so cold; i'd much rather be snuggled in my nest working on a project or three. so i've made up a bunch more of my cross-stitch kits and i marked down the prices in both my etsy and bigcartel shops. just $14 bucks (plus a coupla dollars for shipping) and you've got a perfectly good excuse to stay inside some cold dark night (or two or three if you're a cross-stitch beginner, or if you have a short attention span). i'm thinking you should buy two of the kits (two different ones - so you can swap patterns later!) and then, when they arrive, call up one of your friends and tell her (or him) to bring over some cookies and hot chocolate (or wine, or whiskey -- just be careful, it ain't so easy to cross-stitch when your eyes are drunky crossed, believe me, i've tried.) and the two of you can stay in and stitch together.

sweet squirrel kit - the original:

owl love you kit:

make your own home sweet home:

hearts and hares (bunny love) kit:

puppy love kit - two projects for the price of one:

then, when you finish the project - take a photo and add it to the new flickr group that i just created!

i made a group, "your chez-sucre-chez" as a space where you can share photos of your completed chez-sucre-chez patterns/kits. i'm always curious to see how these projects turn out and what kind of cool little twists you creative peeps out there do with the kits. i've heard some people tell me they added names or words or dates to the pattern, or that they did it on another type of fabric, or that they mounted the finished piece in a funky frame. well now there's a place to show that stuff! do it! please!
i'm also hoping that people will post photos of chez-sucre-chez pieces or products that they've bought from me (or my retailers) as they are now living in their homes. being that each of my pieces is handmade by me, i spend time with each one - and i hope that they end up being used and loved. i know that a lot of my customers are the types who enjoy creating a beautiful living space for themselves and i would LOVE to see how my chez-sucre-chez wares fit into those spaces.
so please, get out a camera and show us your chez-sucre-chez! (ps - i've never been an administrator for a flickr group before, so i'm hoping that you can just join and post -- try it - let me know if you run into any difficulties. thanks!)


Leila said...

What a fun group! I joined without any difficulty whatsoever. I can't wait to see what people post!

Nimue said...

i'm loving those do-it-yourself kits! i adore the cuteness of cross-stitching, but i'm not all that skilled myself when it comes to embroidering ;) So i'm defenitely considering to give this a shot!