08 February, 2013

And now, February?

Phew, time does go by when you're hiding under a blanket thinking that miserable cold winter will never end...

It's been a tough month or so. I decided, after a very very busy November, December, and beginning of January, to give myself the end of January "off" and not to worry about doing new stuff or organizing or any of the other fun fresh-start things that usually come along with the first month of the new year. Honestly, I was feeling pretty burnt out. So I allowed myself some down time; but really, I was pretty busy anyway just keeping up with my Etsy orders and the few custom orders that I had on tap already.

And then, February was here before I knew it, and now I'm feeling pretty behind with my original plan to make February like what January should have been. (the time for organizing, new ideas, big new business plans, etc.) This dreary weather is kind of kicking my butt.

But enough crying and wailing from me! Sheesh!
I do have projects in the works. I even have exciting new completed projects, but nothing is photographed yet.... So, though I don't have much to share and report right this very instant, I will SOON - really!

In the meantime, Valentine's Day is less than a week away.
I do have a new kit that I designed inspired by all the the holiday of hearts and red and pink and kisses and hugs. It's this one:

Similar to my Borderlines kit, but all with the theme of hearts. I'm really liking it and, once I can get my hands on more red Aida cloth, will be offering it in a classic red and white colorway, too, and will keep these in stock well past Valentine's Day. I'm hoping that you all like it enough to make it a new c-s-c classic.

Also in the theme of Love Day (which is what nephew Aidyn once called Valentine's Day years ago when he was a wee one and it made my heart smile so big), is the Valentine themed diy hankie embroidery kit:

Just like the regular boyfriend hankies, but with the red/pink color scheme and a special Valentine themed template page, which includes sentiments like "be mine" "loverboy" "truly yours" "je t'aime" and lots more.

A couple of weekends ago, I lead a workshop using these kits and showing how to do the embroidery and make a personalized hankie. It was great! I had such a wonderful group of ladies -- I wish we could have stitched together longer. I'll have an eye out for sure for more opportunities to teach classes or workshops like that... If you know of any, send me the info!

Okay, now to log off and make the most of this beau-ti-ful rainy day. I'm thinking I'm going to treat myself to a lap around Terrain and a coffee at the cafe there; like bribing myself into motivation. Happy Friday, friends!

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