11 January, 2013


how did so many weeks go by since my last post?
sheeeeesh. i'm sorry.
let's see -- since my last post there was christmas. i didn't take many photos at all but here are some highlights:

bats and rats were baked, with help and enthusiastic support from bella:

b & i made terrariums to give as gifts to some of our loved ones:

thanks to terrain for the inspiration, and the supplies.

and then i got it in my head that i wanted to include a little animal or some other little figurine in each, and boy did we go on a wild goose chase hunting these down; finally finding these crazy wide-eyed animals at a model train and hobby shop.

having been so wonderfully but insanely busy with orders most of november through to the 21st of december, i didn't do so well with making my own handmade gifts to give.... one thing i did accomplish, however, thanks to a rare moment of forward-planning, was to brew up a few batches of homemade vanilla extract, and package it in vintage apothecary bottles that i scouted and scrubbed.

i also ground up the left-over cinnamon sticks from the terrain mulling spice project and packaged that in jars that i purchased from here.

and then there was new years eve - which we spent with friends at a little house party. it was fun, but i drank too much champagne and spent new years day with a headache. :( i wish i had some photos, because i love the dress i was wearing, which i scored at anthropologie on super sale just days before. oh! they still have some in stock, you can score one too - here!

last weekend, we got our first snow day - which b & i celebrated with an early morning walk. (can you believe that was my idea?)

at the end of our walk, after following footprints of fox, and raccoon, and bunny, and heron and deer and goodness-knows what else (but definitely no other people feet!), we happened upon a deer party -- a group of at least ten deer hanging out in the woods, watching us just as curiously as we were watching them. it was pretty great.

and, in between these little things and holidays, i have been working -- a lot more than i thought i would be at this time of year! my etsy shop continues to be busy and i'm working on a few different custom orders this week and next. it's been good!

i have lots of ideas in my head, though, and i'm just waiting for some free moments to make them happen. i have that fresh january feeling of clarity and optimism -- hoping for a great 2013!

(more smiths lyrics -- there are just so many good ones; thank you, morrissey!)

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Kimmy,you suck at teaching and making things.