20 February, 2013


Hi, I'm back!
I'm finally feeling energy and motivation coming back... and now, since Monday, my head is full of so many ideas that my fingers can't keep up with it all!
Forget those finished projects that I mentioned in my last post - I still haven't photographed them and who knows when I'll get to that... Onto more recent work.
Many months ago, I finished this piece:

and I love it -- but man, is it ever difficult to photograph, because of the subtlety. The silver stitches on the pale blue fabric are gorgeous, but they are, indeed, subtle. And while *I* really like that, I know that it's not everyone's cup of tea.

So, I stitched up another, on black, to get the full contrast.
The words are lyrics from an REM song that I loved when I was in high school (and still love today, actually).

(Those stitches look like they're white - but they're not; they're the silver metallic floss, but my camera has a really tough time focusing on that detail in most light....)

And, while I was doing all of this stitching with the sparkly floss and in the theme of stars, I whipped up another -- also lines from a song that I loved in high school. (Depeche Mode this time.)

On this one, I used a different sliver floss - one that had a little more texture, thus making it a little more sparkly, but also a lot more of a pain in the butt to work with. My experience in working with any kind of metallic floss is that it tends to fray, a lot, and so I find that it's better to work with shorter lengths. It's definitely more challenging than regular floss -- but worth it!

I was considering doing another star-themed piece or two, but all of the quotes I most want to do are kind of long, and ideally, I'd do one that would fit in a smaller frame. (These ones are 11 x 14 and 12" diameter.) Maybe something will come to me.... In the meantime, however, I'm going to be working on those other ideas. I hope your week is going great! xo.

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