08 March, 2012

this week's randomness

my to-do list is long today, but i wanted to give at least a little update of the latest chez-sucre-chez happenings, so here's a brief rundown:

there's a new kit in the shop, and i think this'll make some of you very happy:

i've been asked for this pattern many many times over the years, and i have had it set up and saved as a pdf with the intention of getting it into the shop for a while now, and now i've gotten to it.

this is the largest sized project/kit i've put out -- it comes with a six inch hoop. i don't yet have any of those handy resealable and recyclable plastic bags (did you know they're recyclable? they are!) that will fit the large hoop size, so for the time being, they're coming packaged in hand-made machine-sewn tissue paper sleeves. i will track down better packaging that i don't have to make... (do any of you remember when my kits used to all come in little draw-string bags that i made?! that was crazy! but way cute!) here's a direct link to the new kit.

also new in the shop, a couple of new cloud instant-collection groups.
there's this one:

and this one:

i'm very pleased with some of these new colors and the groupings i've been able to make from the latest batch of clouds i've stitched. i really love offering the single clouds as pretty little gift-boxed items, believing that they're so special and whimsical and pretty alone. but even more so, i love offering them in these little collections.

i loved the large collection of them that i had hung on my old bedroom wall, and that was before i started doing them in pretty colors!

i stitched up this piece for a custom order:

so happy meredith went with the yellow on grey color combo.

and lastly, the breakfast bread of the week:

english muffin bread from this recipe.
oh. my. goodness. it is amazing. it's so amazing. so so sooooo delicious. it's so good, that the above photo is the best i've been able to get of it -- because once i have a slice all toasted and buttered, i cannot wait the three-seven minutes it would take me to arrange and get a good shot; i have to eat it up right away. i highly recommend that you make it. i did the half-recipe, and that made a lot -- two loaves, if you've got two loaf pans; i don't, so we got one big loaf and 8 skull-shaped muffins (which i froze to enjoy next week).
another recipe we enjoyed this week is this savory bread pudding. yum.

now i've got to resist the urge to toast up and eat another slice of english muffin bread and instead, get to work.
i'll be back here later today with another post of my latest new project adventure. happy friday!

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