14 March, 2012

spring break fever

it's a bit last-minute, but i'm heading out to CA for a couple of weeks to soak up some sunshine and love and company of some of my favourite people on earth. woohoo!
i'm leaving my shop "open," - but all orders placed during this time will be shipped when i get back. regular ready-made items will go out the day after i'm back; custom-stitched pieces will be sent just as soon as i can get them stitched up upon my return.

before packing, though, i made up a new kit! mother's day is just around the corner (sort of...) so i put together a mamma hankie kit. i think they're pretty sweet.

i don't have many of these in stock, because the hankies are hard to source, so if you think you'll want to make one up for your mamma, go on over (here) and place the order today, and i'll have it mailed to you in plenty of time for stitching and giving.

when i get back from my little break, it'll be time to jump full swing into craft fair season! PA people, you'll have plenty of opportunity to come out and say hello --- I'll be doing all three dates of the clover market, and i'll be teamed up with melanie linder/spread-the-love as per our usual good-time at the art star bazaar. applications for renegade brooklyn are due in a couple of weeks; i'll be sending mine in and crossing my fingers that i'll be making that stop in brooklyn.

that's it! have a great couple of weeks! xoxo.


Chase Clark l Oh The Cuteness! said...

Your hankie kits are super cute! I've been trying to do more embroidery lately, but man is it ever slow-going for me. I still don't know how you do it! But anywho, if you're ever up in the SF Bay area hit me up! Have a lovely trip.

chezkimberly said...

chase! i'll be in the san jose area for two days, but i'm not sure of my schedule... i'll be staying with friends and don't know what we have planned -- wish it were a longer amount of time and we could make a plan to meet up! i'm hoping to get into sf for at least a little bit one of the days; the last time i was there was yeeeeaaars ago and i HATED it --- i'm hoping for a few hours of time to get a better view/experience. any recommendations?