09 March, 2012

prints and the revolution

i've done it; i've gotten prints made and the first batch is up in the shop!

phew! this has been a whole heck of a lot more difficult of a project than i anticipated. well, no -- really, it wasn't THAT difficult -- but there were a lot more variables and much a steeper learning curve than i had imagined when i first thought of doing this. i've been wanting to make prints happen for many many months but sheesh, it was so intimidating to learn a whole new medium or process and materials. paper and print are very different than needle and thread!
but - the results are thrilling. check out the photo below -- can you even tell, from this not-so-far distance, which of these is the original?

no? it's the one in the box -- in the dark wood frame. ha!
how about this one:

this one's a little easier, maybe, because the color is a teeny bit different. the original is the one at the bottom, laying face up.

it's been a process, and i still feel like i have more to learn about papers and printing methods, but after many trials and errors, i've finally got a batch of prints that i am happy with and i've gone ahead and listed them in the shop. hooray!

i'm really happy to be able to offer this option. i know that so many people have been so wonderfully receptive and complimentary about my work, but that the time that goes into each original piece causes a price that is not in everyone's budget --- well, now, with the prints, i can make chez-sucre-chez designs affordable and accessible to more people.

three people deserve HUGE thank yous from me for their help on getting me this far with this project; karen stanford for encouraging me to make this happen, and melanie linder and kristen solecki for sharing their print know-how and experience with me and answering my dozens of questions. thank you!!!

stay tuned - i already have three more prints in the works!


Megan Woodard Johnson said...

These are awesome! i appreciate the learning curve- I felt that way trying to get good scans & prints that would capture the texture in my paintings- i can't imagine the variables in trying to capture the texture of the cloth & subtle depth of the stitching. And, I love the title of your post. :)

Chase Clark l Oh The Cuteness! said...

Very cool! The prints look lovely - I'll have to beg my boy to get me one lol.

chezkimberly said...

Thank you, Megan and Chase! Megan -- I totally forgot that you had the prints done of your originals, I should have tapped your brain for print info, too! Yeah, I didn't at all anticipate that it would be so tricky... But I'm glad I'm learning this stuff.
Chase, I have three more in the works --- and they're really good ones! I likely won't get to them for another couple of weeks, though. (I'm going on vacation! Or, at least, a little get-away...)

chezkimberly said...

ps - megan, i knew at least *some* of my friends and readers would get the title! heehee.

Skylark Studio said...

yippee yay! love love love! can't wait to hear more about the learning curve ...